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APRIL, 2018

Farm must be another word for FUN! Boy, did we have some fun down on the farm this month. A big red barn (of red construction tape) greeted your child each Tuesday and Thursday morning. This provided the back drop for horses, farm animals, barns, blocks, and Duplo’s.  Circle time was so last month, instead we gathered our chickies, piglets, kids and lambs to the barn for stories, songs or instruction. Farm animals were used for counting 1-4 and outlining first letters of our name. Your child stamped farm scenes, glued wool (cotton balls) on sheep, tore brown construction paper mud for pigs and created farm scenes with felt board. They played farm matching and laced farm animals. Songs were sung! In addition to the ones posted last month, we also had a few new fan favorites:


Three Little Pigs

(Tune of: Five Little Ducks)

Three little pigs rolled in the mud,

Squishy, squashy squishy squashy felt so good.

The farmer took one piggy out.

“oink, oink, oink the pig did shout.


Two little pigs rolled in the mud….

One little pig rolled in the mud…


No little pigs rolled in the mud.

They all looked so clean and oh so good.

The farmer turned his back and then,

Those pigs rolled in the mud again.


Oh I Wish I Were a Wooly Little Lamb

(Tune of: If You Are Happy and You Know It)

Oh I wish I were a wooly little lamb

Oh, I wish I were a wooly little lamb

I would run and dance and play

In the pasture every day.

Oh I wish I were a wooly little lamb.


I Just want to be a sheep

I just want to be a sheep- baa baa baa

I just want to be a sheep -baa baa baa

I don’t want to be a goat- NOPE-

I just want to be a sheep. 


One time Mrs. Tyrie came in and made up some amazing arm motions while we sang that last tune.  We laughed heartedly!!

Not only did our class sing, but our three and four year olds became quite proficient at the chicken dance.  It was often requested as they especially enjoyed how the song went faster and faster.   Finally, P. Mooney visited our classroom during the Farm Unit.  He was hiding oh so cleverly in the class cowboy hat.  P. Mooney was wearing a bandana around his neck like many farmers do.  It can protect from the sun, the dust and wipe a brow from hard work.  P. Mooney told us about farm animal moms and their babies.

Painting and playdough are still Free Play favorites, but this month dress up and dolls ruled!  We had super heroes, firefighters, butterflies and ballet dancers.  Some of the ballet dancers even put on a show for attentive audience members.  The dolls are providing endless opportunity for play.  The high chair, baby bottles and carrier were exciting classroom additions.

One of the highlights for the month of March was the puppet show that our Kindergarten friends put on for us.  In honor of farm month, the Kindergarten acted out “Old MacDonald” in the loft with their puppets.  What characters!  Our Lower Preschool class loved every minute of the production.

KUDOS to our lower preschool Moms and Dads. It is obvious that you continue to reinforce safety by teaching name, address, and phone number.  We have about a 90 % success rate with name of child’s street (about 10 out of 11).   Phone numbers proved more difficult and one child even replied, “Um I don’t have a phone!”  It is hard to argue with that logic! Keep up the good work reviewing name, address and phone number.

April may bring showers, but it also brings the Pond Unit.  No doubt, we will dive right in with the same level of enthusiasm!!













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